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/ .A. / .D. / .K. / .M. / .S. / suttacentral  (has links to Chinese Agama parallel correspondence to Pali suttas)
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/ .A. / .D. / .K. / .M. / .S. / Piya Tan 

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  • essential tools pali programs for your pc
  • quick reference for pali keyboard
    y a i h u d v l m g n r s t ← [key] + [ctrl] + [alt]
    ñ ā ī ś ū ḍ ḷ ṃ ṇ ṛ ṣ ṭ ← output pali
info about Margaret Cone's A Dictionary of Páli, Part II
(an epub file called "alphabet soup" is in essential tools section for offline references of all those acronyms)

unsorted useful links: 

sadhu | evam.me | pali.sir | buddha-vacana | pali primer utf8 | pratyeka |